Sandhya Singh NGO: Fighting Against Gender-based Crimes In Delhi

The recent Shraddha Walker Delhi murder case has brought to light the continuing problems women face in India. Women have been subjected to various forms of exploitation and violence throughout the country. The perpetrators can be family members, employers, strangers, or (even) government officials. Women are often policed for their clothing, behaviour, marital status, individual choices, and lifestyles.

Shraddha Walker murder case has stirred the country because of the horrendous act of her live-in partner Aftab Poonawalla. While most citizens are demanding a brutal punishment for the murderer, opinions are diversely divided about Shraddha’s lifestyle choice. Many people are pinning her fate on her decision to live with her partner before marriage. Similar views pop up every time a gruesome gender-based crime case catches attention.

Do you think the actions of an abuser or murderer can be justified; based on the length of a woman’s clothes or her non-conforming choices?

Our women empowerment NGO, along with all our Volunteers, donors, and founder- Sandhya Singh condemn such heinous acts against women and young girls.

We support and work on the vision of an equal and just society where men and women have full rights to exercise their individual choices without fearing societal judgment and backlash. Our NGO has been raising voices and taking action against all types of atrocities against women in Delhi. Sandhya Singh, our founder, wants to make Delhi a better and safe place for the coming generations.

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