NGO Consultancy Services In Delhi

The NGO sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India, with an annual growth rate of approximately 11%; this has led to considerable demand for NGO consultancy services. With the help of these services, NGOs can now manage their resources, widen their impacts, and achieve greater efficiency.

Leading NGO Consultancy Services in Dwarka

Sandhya Singh is the founder of Durga Saptashti, an NGO in Dwarka, and works passionately towards creating an all-inclusive society. She works for woman’s safety in Delhi, kids’ safety, education for underprivileged children, and food nutrition. She also offers a range of NGO Consultancy services in Dwarka, Delhi.

Under Sandhya Singh’s guidance, we not only offer expert consultancy services (like fundraising, NGO endorsement, and counselling) but also provide NGO registration services and help other small charity organisations with administrative work.

She is on a mission to empower NGOs in Delhi so that all the social change-makers, social activists, and philanthropists can come together to build a bright and better future!

We help you achieve your goals!

Whether you are looking to raise funds or start a nonprofit, we are here to help.

Finding the right NGO

We have extensive experience working with NGOs across Delhi NCR and know their needs better than anyone else. Our extensive knowledge has made us one of the top agencies in the national capital region. We have the expertise to deal with just about any kind of NGO.