Kids Safety and Education NGO In Dwarka, Delhi

No child deserves to be threatened, traumatised, tortured mentally or abused physically. Every child, irrespective of the economic or social background, deserves a dignified and safe environment to grow. The many social evils crippling our country’s future are child labour, child marriage, child abuse, drug abuse among children, no accessibility to basic healthcare, and child trafficking. If India wants to fight ills against children, education is the first and foremost step.

That’s why NGOs working for kids’ safety and education initiatives have become crucial to protect our children- the future of this country. The primary vision of our NGO is to create a healthy, nurturing, and safe environment for children in Delhi. Our founder, Sandhya Singh aims to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children through education and self-awareness.

We believe in the transformational power of education which is why all our efforts have been targeted at making primary education accessible to all. We provide daily classes and tuitions to economically backward class children. We also organise self-defence classes and self-awareness camps for children in Dwarka, where children are taught about- safety rules, their bodies, good touch-bad touch, and safety tactics. We also encourage children to report inappropriate advances or acts- so that we can help and rescue them.

Sandhya Singh also organises food donation drives in Delhi and basic healthcare camps for children in Dwarka because she understands that only a healthy body leads to a healthy brain!