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Sandhya Singh-Woman Safety | Kids Safety | Food Health In Delhi

Sandhya Singh is a woman of courage; who is empowering women, kids, and deprived people through social initiatives to make the world a better place. Sandhya Singh-led NGO believes in the power of knowledge, as it leads to understanding which leads to significant change.

Women and Kids Safety NGO in Dwarka

We are dedicated to Women’s safety, kids’ safety, and food health in Dwarka, Delhi. Under the leadership of Sandhya Singh, her Delhi-based NGO volunteers conduct frequent self-defence workshops in Dwarka (for women and kids), safety seminars, good-touch and bad-touch talks for young women/girls, etc. So that women and children can protect themselves from any sort of abuse or danger as well as confront inappropriate behaviour and harassment. We use educational methods that are participatory and inclusive, empowering people with knowledge and skills they can use to transform their lives – while also empowering them to contribute meaningfully to society.

Food and Health Initiative in Delhi

Delhi ranks among the most populated cities in the world, with more than half of its population being below the poverty line. Sandhya Singh is working towards eliminating hunger and food-related diseases from society by equipping deprived people with knowledge about food health, personal hygiene, and nutrition. Not only this, but we also conduct food-donation drives in Dwarka for economically marginalised people.

Join us

We’re always looking for people who want to be social changemakers. Come help us bring the change you want to see!

Food for everyone

For years, our society our people are striving hard for their basic needs, everyone has a right of basic-living at least, so it becomes our priority. Under this broad supervision of Sandhya Singh our efforts are focused.

Education for everyone!

The primary concern of any country should be present & future. Our past was not so great, so it created a blurred present where people have to live under poverty line, no education & sometimes no food. Now we are dreaming a world with education for everyone.

Safe woman, safe society!

We feel very bad when we see around. Now no more violence against women! Sandhya singh visions a great society where women are empowered & safe to get enough respect with right of equality.