Women’s Safety in Dwarka Delhi: Join Our NGO’s Mission to Empower Women!

Women’s safety is a pressing concern of gender-based violence in India. Hence, the need for adequate security measures has been increasing in recent years.
Dwarka, an upscale neighbourhood in Delhi, is a perfect example of what can happen when women are not safe from crime. The area has been reported to be unsafe for women and children, as it is home to many sex offenders.
In order to address the issue of safety for women and children, Sandhya Singh, a women’s rights activist, has been working tirelessly to empower women and teach them self-defence. She is committed to creating a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world for everyone. . This Sandhya Singh-led NGO is among the leading women’s safety organizations in Dwarka, Delhi/ NCR.

Durga Saptashti- The Revolutionary Step

Sandhya Singh founded the Durga Saptashti, an NGO in Dwarka dedicated to uplifting, helping, and empowering women and disabled individuals. She believes in “Naari-Shakti”, a Sanskrit word that means- the power of women (‘Naari’-women, ‘Shakti’- Power). Hence, she organizes frequent self-defense and women’s safety training camps in Dwarka, Delhi to teach women/girls safety tactics to defend themselves from any harm.

Other than that, Sandhya Singh and her team have also organized multiple skill-training camps in the past years to make disabled, widowed, economically and socially backward women, self-reliant. Sandhya firmly believes that to transform our society education and skill development training are the areas we should work on.