Sandhya Singh NGO: Making Dwarka Better!

Sandhya Singh is a social activist from Delhi who aims to improve marginalized people’s lives in Dwarka through NGO consultancy services, women and kids safety programs, food health camps, and many more social change initiatives. Our goal is to create an equitable society where everyone can thrive. To do this, we provide free education opportunities/tuition classes, arrange awareness campaigns on safety issues such as child abuse, and provide food and shelter for the less fortunate. We also organize food health drives throughout the city to ensure disadvantaged communities have access to nutritious meals.

Our focus work areas are:

– Best NGO Consultancy Services in Delhi

Sandhya Singh helps social-change NGOs by offering her expert advice and insights to budding NGOs in Dwarka, Delhi, providing comprehensive services for NGOs and social groups. Under her leadership, we provide end-to-end NGO consultancy services in Delhi, including NGO registration, management, and development. Our experienced team of consultants offers expert advice and guidance to help you with all the crucial information.

– Sandhya Singh’s crusade for Women’s Safety and Kids’ Safety

We prioritize women’s and kids’ safety in Delhi and beyond by creating awareness campaigns and supporting those affected by violence or abuse. Our founder Sandhya Singh is passionate about the well-being of women, children, and the elderly in our society. Hence, the Sandhya Singh-led NGO in Dwarka works diligently to ensure everyone gets healthy food and basic health care while promoting gender equality. Another powerful tool in our crusade against gendered crime is Sandhya Singh- Self-defence classes for women in Dwarka.

– Food Health NGO in Delhi

We have partnered with many local agencies to help provide nutritious food for those unable to access it due to financial difficulties or other reasons. We frequently arrange food donation drives in Dwarka, Delhi, and also try to spread awareness about the benefits of eating healthy and fresh food.

Be a part of Sandhya Singh’s journey!

With our dedicated team, you can rest assured that your efforts will make an impact on the lives of those who need it most.

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