Sandhya Singh Influencing Change

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Visit our NGO images in our gallery and feel the thrill of being on the frontline of a social revolution. A one-of-a-kind collection of images captures social activist, Sandhya Singh at her best – the height of her character and the sparkle in her eyes. Her beliefs are that everyone deserves a dignified, secure, educated, and happy life. If, in any case, someone is deprived of these basic rights, it is the responsibility of the privileged ones to help and uplift them. All the images in our gallery highlight this.

Inspiring stories

Here are a host of images that mark Sandhya’s endeavour to make a change, right at the trenches. Join her in helping socially and economically backward children in Dwarka, empowering deprived women, donating food to needy people, and making Delhi safe for women and children- one action at a time!

Browse through our images gallery to see highlights of our NGO’s’ festive celebrations and fieldwork. From women’s day, Yoga day, and Basant Panchmi, to outdoor training and self-defence training sessions in Dwarka.

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